About Us

Welcome to Wishing Wells Boutique! I have always dreamed of owning my own business and envied those who have built their own small businesses from scratch.  Just dreaming about working for myself and being my own boss is about all the further it went, never really knowing exactly what my own business would be. 

I spent many years in management in the long-term care field and then had the opportunity to stay at home with my two young girls when my husband took a new job several states from home.  Being home with my girls, in a new town, in a new state, gave me the chance to revive that dream of being an entrepreneur. 

Always adoring a little children's boutique in the small town we had previously been calling home, I quickly noticed one was lacking in our new city.  I began telling my husband that I couldn't believe there wasn't a children's boutique in this town.  When I noticed a particular storefront was up for lease, I told my husband that was where my children's boutique was going to be.  It was eventually leased but I still referred to it as "my children's store."  There I was again, dreaming of being an entrepreneur but taking no action.  Then on a trip back to Wisconsin from Ohio, my husband and I were discussing our yearly goals (because yearly goals sounded much more attainable than New Year's resolutions).  I wrote down on a piece of paper -  "Don't be scared! Develop a Business Plan!" among some other goals. 

Enter Wishing Wells Boutique! With a very supportive husband, daughters, family, and friends, I took action this time rather than just dreaming.  With Wishing Wells Boutique, I am working hard to develop a collection of children's apparel, accessories, essentials and mommy apparel that I would want for myself and to share with my closest friends and family, all while providing exemplary customer service and an enjoyable shopping experience.  Clothing that is of exceptional quality, products that have style and function, and items that are just unique.

Wishing Wells Boutique is here to wish your little one a fun and fashionable childhood through our online store and pop-up shops. 

Thank you for choosing to shop and support our small family business.  After all, I am just a mom no longer wishing but chasing a dream!



Sarah Wells

Wells Family

                    (Photo credit: KaitlinSheran Photography)